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Timber Framing

While it has been in use for years, many have not yet found wooden frames to be a suitable alternative. Timber is one of the most versatile materials used in the development field. So if you like your room to be easy to manage, the wood frame is the way to go. You are still free to select any other content, and we will continue on the basis of your preference.

Our specialists are industry leaders in timber engineering and they will be diligent during the process. They will guarantee designs that ensure that the interior is well decorated with plenty of open space. 

We strive to uphold quality-standards when supplying the best materials to our devoted client base. A major benefit of our timber frame structures is that they are precision-engineered, sustainable, and organic. Hence they are incredibly strong and durable.

Timber Framings make ideal home-protection solutions due to their high resistance to outside weather. You won’t have to buy a room heater to survive the winter since timbers tend to keep the heat inside for hours.

Our products are not only reliable and cost-effective, but they’re also budget friendly. We always prioritize our customers by ensuring that everything is delivered with the utmost professionalism and care.  

House Extensions

We understand how much you love your current living space and why you would like to broaden it. The process of selling your current place and purchasing a new one can be a hassle.

Whether you are satisfied with your current neighbourhood or not, you came to the right place. Whether it’s adding a new member to your family or simply a desire for extra space, our services will cover your needs.

Moving to a new place involves a lot of physical and mental pressure. You may need to change your working environment, your children’s school, and so on. That is why broadening your house instead can be much more beneficial. It will also increase the value of your current home, should you decide to sell it in the future. 

There’s no need to stress over the details. Our engineers will guide you through the process by providing you with tailor-made solutions.

Loft Conversions

Loft conversion has become a popular renovation nowadays. It’s the ideal solution for congested and overcrowded places. It not only grants you additional space but also makes your home alluring.

All loft conversions include large windows, usually on the roof. The benefits of these windows are that they allow more natural light to pass through while giving the room a great view of the sky. 

When it comes to interior decoration, using whatever space available is a good idea. Therefore, a loft conversion can be a worthy investment since they don’t require additional outside space and planning permissions. The projects are also budget-friendly and less time-consuming.

New Build Construction

Who is attracted to the idea of something “brand new”? Be it a small first home or a big dream house, newly designed buildings carry a lot of emotions and expectations.

If you’re seeking out a customised building, you will need to go through a few legal procedures. JG Constructions work with individual customers as well as developer companies all around Essex. Our team of industry experts is fully compliant with legal procedures and works under proper certification and licensing.

Our customers are often excited to see their houses take shape right from the foundation to the final touch. This is why we arrange visits on request, whilst ensuring the safety of our customers. From mounting pillars to the wall and installing hard-structures, you’ll be able to see all of it through your own eyes.

The architecture and design of a new home is a critical element for any type of building. From planning to laying the last brick, the responsibility rests on our shoulders. We acknowledge that every detail and aspect of the construction process matters a lot to you, be it a personal condo or a commercial building. Which is why our team will be entirely transparent regarding designs, limitations, and modifications.

Home Renovations

Some individuals live in the same house or use the same office room for years. A fresh look with some simple repairs could transform your home’s outdated appearance by giving it a new life.

JG Constructions will visit your space upon appointment and conduct a thorough examination. We will remind you about the improvements expected whether it’s the interior or exterior decor, and let you know where to spend and where to reconsider.  

Our solutions, installations, and decorations are cost-effective, durable, and aligned with your choices.

With our 18 years of experience, we’re capable of giving your desired place an updated look that perfectly fits your preferences and taste. Hence get in touch with us if your old space is beginning to feel a little outdated and you wish to renovate it with a fresh and brand new look.

Kitchen Design and Installation

The value of a good kitchen setup cannot be understated. Proper planning and preparation are important if a kitchen is to be functional, convenient and comfortable.

Our designers will listen to each of your requirements by coming up with innovative kitchen designs customized to your needs.

The entire process will be carried out right in front of your eyes so you can have maximum involvement. After all, the kitchen is yours and the choices should be yours too. 

Kitchens, appliances and utensils require organized storage facilities. Our hardware installations are done with proper pre-planning and aesthetics in mind. Our installation services cover everything including service tables, cabinets, stove, vents, chairs, and so on.

So, if you need a new, convenient and modern kitchen for your home, restaurant or dining room, please contact JG Constructions!

Garden Decking

Decking is the most notable aspect of any garden and has gained popularity in the United Kingdom in recent times. It gives off a vibe of sophistication that creates harmony with nature. Garden decks are much more useful and comfortable than traditional hard patios and terraces.

You can get creative with the design, and we’ll ensure the highest quality deck work under any budget.

Windows and Door Installation

Windows and doors are the way your house breathes. They are an integral part of every single room and they go through frequent use. That’s why windows and doors need a sturdy frame with a high-quality finish as well as a visual appeal.

We provide premium window and door installation services that ensure top quality. Our designs will entice your visitors to look twice

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